For any other questions contact Wade @ 1(231)855-8555 or email @

Business address:  8016 E. Garfield Rd Hesperia, MI 49421

Business days/hrs: Tuesdays 9-3, Wednesdays 3-7, Fridays 9-3.

please bring your own boxes if items are sold @ Beyer Auction Auction Barn

Items sold by Beyer Online Auction Will be picked up at the sale Barn, we will note that the event is hosted at the sale barn.


individual sellers will have ratings and reviews after time. 

Beyer Online Auction is acting as a host, by letting people sell items on our website for a fee.

We do not take place in every transaction that’s takes place, each seller will give their preferred transaction requirements and how the buyer will receive their items. 


If there are any issues with a specific seller please rate them, write a review, and contact wade.